Jakob Leistner, MA, LCMHC

Phone: 802-461-6113
Email: jakobleistner@protonmail.com

Jakob Leistner, MA, LCMHC

Level II trained IFS Therapist

SPECIALTY: Contemplative and Transpersonal Psychotherapy 

I have been in private practice for over 20 years in Northern Vermont, working mainly with adults. My current practice focuses on helping people to work with the root causes of their difficulties through the application of Contemplative Psychology and IFS therapy.

IFS therapy, a Western approach, brings curiosity, compassion and acceptance to bear on inner experience, both within the body and mind. IFS explicitly works with the various parts of the personality. It seeks to connect the healing potential of compassion with all parts of the psyche and to mediate intra-psychic conflict. The ultimate goal of IFS therapy is to allow innate wisdom and compassion to take the leadership in minding the psyche. Without this “Self-Leadership,” the psyche exists as an unconscious free-for-all, an inner world permeated by incessant thinking and triggered feeling states. For more information about IFS go to SelfLeadership.org

Contemplative Psychology (CP) an East/West approach, works well for people interested in deeply exploring both the nature of consciousness and their personal construction of reality using the faculty of awareness. From this perspective, dissatisfaction and suffering arise from misunderstanding both who we are and the “reality” that we experience. CP relies heavily on the inner work of meditation to both nurture the innate qualities of compassion and wisdom, and to train the mind in concentration and awareness.

If you are interested in focused internal work, don’t hesitate to schedule a free 50 minute consultation. We can use the time to discuss your personal goals/issues and envision an individual approach for our work together. You will also get a clear sense of whether we are a good fit. Since the quality of the therapeutic relationship is paramount to a successful journey, it is wise to speak with a few practitioners before you make a final decision.

University of Michigan, B.S., Engineering, 1984
Antioch NE Graduate School, M.A., Counseling Psychology, 1998
IFS Level 2 Trained