Juliann Ambroz - MEd-LCMHC

Phone: 802-380-2282
Email: JAmbroz@nhs.hush.com

Juliann R. Ambroz, M.Ed., LCMHC, CYT

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, New Horizons Counseling

SPECIALTY: Licensed Mental Health Counselor; EMDR Certified Practitioner, Certified in Clinical Hypnosis, Certified Yoga Teacher
Adults, Teens, Couples and Families

My theoretical orientation is eclectically based but stems largely from the premises inherent in Cognitive/Behavioral, Relational/Cultural, Humanistic and Family Systems Theories. Additionally, my work is grounded in the tenets of the Adaptive Information Processing Model, and the belief that our brains have an inherent drive toward emotional health. I believe that people must be understood both in terms of the self and in terms of their relationship to the people and environment around them.  This understanding may necessitate looking at how object-relations from the past are manifesting in the present. It may also require learning new thought patterns and making behavioral changes conducive to health and well being.

Importantly, I believe that individuals possess the inner resources for growth and healing, but may need assistance in overcoming obstacles to personal development. These obstacles may occur as the result of past occurrences (e.g. unresolved trauma), more immediate conflicts, or both. Therapy can provide this assistance, and enhance an individual’s inherent abilities and strengths.